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Homecooked dinner

This food blog will not only “showcase” food I find and eat around southern california (mostly San Diego), but also my own creations as well as the master of the kitchen: Ma. She’s the true master at the art of chinese cooking. I have learned much from her and I feel she deserves recognition for her work

Veggie Beef w/ Broccoli

This is a dish made with broccoli and veggie beef patties. These veggie patties are absolutely delicious and does not have that “cardboard” taste that certain veggie meats have. The patties’ texture are somewhat chewie I suppose…but it has a distinct flavor to them in my opinion.

Spicy Eggplant

This is a spicy eggplant dish with chicken, bamboo, black fungus (that’s what the package labels it!), and carrots. I really love spicy foods, but unfortunately the level of spice I prefer is much too strong for everyone I eat with.

My plate

This was my plate of that delicious dinner that I was fortunately enough to have especially during my finals. Because I’d probably would have either forgo eating or just snacked on trail mix if Chef Ma didn’t cook. I’m very grateful…


Here’s the next night’s wonderful dinner:

Vegetarian fish

Vegetarian fish with zucchini, baby corn, black fungus, and oyster mushrooms.

6 Treasures

This was suppose to be a traditional dish that is called “8 treasures” or something close to that. And in the dish, you are suppose to have 8 different ingredients, but we only had 6. So I guess you could call this the “6 treasure” vegetarian delight!

Mapo Tofu

Traditional Mapo Tofu (but with a splash of color).

Tofu skin with veggies

Fried bean curd skin with vegetables.

Vegetarian fish paste stuffed peppers

Vegetarian fish paste stuffed red & green peppers.

tofu and broccoli

Chicken and tofu with broccoli.

Sugar snap peas

Sugar snap peas with baby corn, chicken, mushrooms, and black fungus.

As you can probably tell by now, we really like cooking with vegetarian meats. We are not vegetarians, but we tend to use very little meat in our cooking. If you have an Asian supermarket in your neighborhood, I urge you to go to the refrigerators and search out the vegetarian options! There is SO much to choose from other than tofu when it comes to meat alternatives. I know meat alternatives tend to have a bad rep, but I found that the ones found in Asian supermarkets taste better than Boca burgers and the like (however I do like MorningStar veggie burgers).

I think it was thanks to Chef Ma’s cooking that helped fueled me during my hellish week of finals. So here’s to you Ma!


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