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I love color and gelato

When I eat something as colorful as these fruit, it makes the meal all the more enjoyable. The reiner cherries are my FAVORITE. So when its in season, I eat as much as I can before they’re gone and I have to wait another year before I can have more.

3801.jpg    3802.jpg

Having fresh, sweet, and delicious colorful fruits was a great start the day.

Then later today, I had a sweet craving for gelato. I was at the mall and in the food court, there was a new Nathan’s that sold gelato. This made me doubtful as to whether what I was getting was really gelato. I get this feeling that I was probably eating a cross of almost yogurt and ice cream….not quite gelato….but it satisfied my sweet tooth nonetheless. I got the chocolate sorbet and tropical coconut (coconut and pineapple). The latter had a lot of coconut flakes in it and overall, I found it waaaaay too sweet.

3807.jpg     3806.jpg


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