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A sweet-filled day

I do things on impulse…and this was one of them. It started with just an innocent trip to Whole Foods Market, which ended up with a trip to Bread & Cie as well.

I’ve been wanting to go to Bread & Cie for the longest time but never found myself there. Mostly because parking in Hillcrest is usually horrendous. However, it was a weekday and early enough so that the streets were more or less clear. Score!

524011679_390105e08a.jpg  524011967_fd460aff50.jpg


When I got there a little bit before 11am, and they were starting to put in the desserts in the case. I think I stood there and contemplated for a good 5 to 10 minutes. And it was good thing too, cuz I had decided on one item but was debating on a second item. That was when I saw a lady put in the tiramisu tart! I’ve heard about it and wanted to try one of my all time favorite desserts. So very few places get it right…

So I got the Pistachio cupcake w/ saffron pear buttercream

523988430_a0eb14f836.jpg   523988776_887cfa61ae.jpg

I found myself torn with this cupcake. I WANTED to like it, I really did! The combination sounds like it would taste good and I caught a hint of its potential, but unfortunately the cupcake itself was WAY too dry. I prefer my cupcakes to be light and fluffy, but dense cupcakes will only work for me if the flavors make up and exceed my preference. The saffron pear buttercream on the other hand was DEVINE! I loved the flavor combination and its silky smooth texture. If anything, the buttercream was the highlight of the entire thing.

A slice of the tiramisu tart

524013147_c218b627ed.jpg   523989012_1055bdce10.jpg

I’ve heard good things about their tiramisu for sometime. It was the REASON why I wanted to visit this bakery. Tiramisu is the dessert I choose as my favorite if asked to pick only ONE favorite. I liked Bread & Cie’s take on the traditional Italian dessert with putting it on a sugar dough tart shell. I’ve never seen it done this way….I’ve seen, made, and tried tiramisu in a: coffee cup, bowl, traditional pan/dish style, chocolate shells, and as individual little cakes. I liked their tart, it provided additional texture to the dessert, but I still like the way a traditional tiramisu is mostly a soft mouth-feel dessert. It had some coffee flavor but it was mostly the chocolate powder on top that overpowered everything else. I believe that with tiramisu, one should be only sprinkle a small amount coco powder on top. Otherwise, your entire mouth gets covered with the coco powder with each bite, thus ruining it. As, I have a question: where’s the liquor?! I like to be able to detact SOME liquor in my tiramisu! This didn’t even give any subtle hint of it!

While at WFM, I bought a carmelita bar


Terrible, just a terrible bar. The bottom layer of pecans completely separated from the chocolate layer on top, which also had a crumble topping on it. This made eating the dessert nearly impossible and VERY messy. I’m a fan of messy food, but this was just ridiculous! I am definitely NOT buying this again!

 Overall….I think my little dessert adventure was interesting and fun. I finally got to Bread & Cie and next time, I will be bringing my friends and perhaps I will try their bread instead. Or I saw another tart (forgot what it was) that looked promising.


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