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Fairness is not the game

Life doesn’t play by the rules of the game it seems…it just doesn’t seem to play fairly. Where’s the reff to raise that red card? Or throw down that flag?

The holidays are suppose to be a happy time for people. Luckily, it is for most…but for a few, it isn’t.

I lost a close friend of mine last week. It hurts. It hurts to think about it, I want to and sometimes I do cry when I think about it. Life is a circle, that I know. But it’s hard to accept when someone close to you, who had so much life left in her, and so much to give…suddenly cut short.

Just like that, everything that I thought made sense, suddenly seems gray again. Now, I’m just trying to do what I need to each day, but I wish I could call “Time Out” in this game. But Life doesn’t do time-outs.



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