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A day at a time

It’s been 2 weeks since my best friend’s passing. I hope that where ever she may be now, that she has found peace and is resting…maybe even laughing and poking fun of us somewhere. That’s just the kind of person she was. Always full of humor and I don’t think that even death could change that.

This week and half of next is…….finals H*LL week(s)! *sigh* Finals always drains any college student, regardless. People even walk differently during this time. They are all tense and always in a hurry. There’s an air of frenzy and anxiousness and it is contagious.

But I still got to relax when I can right? Well today, I attended a rather nice work holiday party, held at the Prado in Balboa Park, all thanks to my boss:


No. We were not served company food. Instead, the boss decided to splurge and treated his corporate employees to something better. Although the food we had was banquet style food, but nevertheless, it was still extraordinary for what it was.

We started with a watercress salad with strawberries, dried figs, candied walnuts, shaved parmesan, and balsamic vinegarette.


My only complaint with this salad is that I’m not the biggest fan of watercress, especially for a salad. Had it been mixed spring greens or baby spinach, this would be an even BETTER salad. The vinegarette was not too sour, nor too sweet….perfecto!

I love how the people I work with are always joking. One of my co-workers thought that the vinegarette was chocolate! And he seriously swore it was, while the rest of us ladies (he was the only male at our table) kept insisting it wasn’t. Then my supervisor started joking saying that the strawberries were tomatoes and the parmesan was white chocolate. Hmmm….now that would be an interesting salad.

Next, we were served our entrees. There were 3 choice: a Boursin stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes, turkey with stuffing and the works, or butternut squash raviolis with mixed greens. I chose the raviolis because I had a feeling that if I chose a meat dish, I would be severely disappointed with dried out slab of protein. Plus, when my friend described the menu to me when she called me to inform me of the party, I was sold on the description alone.



I wish I had the exact description to give you, but from what I do remember reading then tasting today: this dish was 4 giant raviolis with a butternut squash filling that had been cooked al dente! I’ve had butternut squash before and didn’t like it, but today’s raviolis were delicious! There wasn’t too much filling inside unfortunately, but I wonder if there was too much, would this dish still have tasted that good?

I don’t know, however I do know that the butter sage, brown sugar sauce was probably what made it so unbelievably decadent! The sauce added a wonderful sweetness that enhanced the butternut squash and made me want to lick the plate at the end! However, I knew better than to do that in front of so many of my “superiors.” So instead, I used the greens that had the same balsamic vinegarette to mop up the rest of the buttery goodnesss.

Finally, what’s a meal without dessert?!



My chocolate mousse dome. It was mostly dark chocolate mousse on top of a thin chocolate cake, with a sliver of white chocolate mousse at the very top. Simple, but it satisfied my chocolate fix!

There was also an apple tart that I didn’t get to take a picture of, but got to taste from the nice woman sitting next to me. I think I practically ate about half it actually. The tart had a wonderful, buttery crust that I couldn’t stop myself from taking one bite after another!

Aaah…it was a good lunch! I just wish I had more of these 3 course meals, but for now, I need to get back to studying!


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