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Top Sushi!

It’s been so long since I’ve written a single thing here, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating.  I still remember to take pictures to keep a photo journal of all my yummy adventures!! And my adventures lately have been driven by either:  1. what I am craving for or 2. for convenience sake, due to work.  Now that work consumes most of my time during the week, a good meal can go a long way for me!

My sushi consumption had increase three-folds since work started and I think I have a pretty good idea of what San Diego can offer me in sushi.  Here are my top 3 picks:

1.)  Sushi Ota – for the best and freshest fish, I would highly recommend ordering sashimi here.  Their rolls are good too, but to truly appreciate the magic of fresh fish is to eat it unhindered.

Tuna, Yellowtail, and Salmon

This is what I get when I come to Sushi Ota because it’s just beautiful.  A simple plate of 2 slices of each: tuna, yellowtail, and salmon.  The fish melts in your mouth like butter and there’s absolutely no “fishy” smell or taste to them.  Just soft, tender, buttery-like slices of the best sashimi-grade fishes.

Sushi combo: cali roll, eel, shrimp, salmon, octopus, yellowtail, tuna, and mackrel

When I took my mom to try the place, she ordered this beautiful arrangement of nigiris – cali roll, eel, shrimp, salmon, octopus, yellowtail, tuna, and mackerel.  I didn’t want to eat her food, but she assured me that it was wonderful and better than the sushi restaurant my family’s always gone to.  And responded somewhere along the lines: “See? Change is good!”

Sushi Platter

Now, when I went with my friends, we all ordered something different.  I thought that they would give us individual plates of our orders like most places.  However, Sushi Ota isn’t like most places…they put your table’s whole freaking order on one giant board!!  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  Just look at that and tell me your eyes didn’t bulge out.  I dare you.

And if you were wondering what we ordered: Crunchy roll (2), Caterpillar (2), Diego roll, and Shrimp tempura roll.  We were VERY hungry…because before this feast, we also had…

Edamame Mixed Tempura Fried rice Miso soup

We’re growing…adults.

2.)  Miso Harney Sushi – funky and hip, the place to go for atmosphere and great rolls!

Who would’ve thought that a little cabin-like house in Old Town would serve good sushi rolls?  Honestly, not me.  That was until I finally tried Harney and was converted.  I guess there can be good sushi amidst the land of burritos and tacos.

Stuffed TomatoMeet…the stuffed tomato – fresh tuna wrapped around sushi rice, topped with crab and spicy scallop, and finished off with bonito flakes on top!  I think they should have just skipped the rice part and gave me more of the good stuff!  However, it was still delicious!  My favorite part was actually the bonito flakes for the amusement factor.  When you eat it, the flakes shrivel up and melt away.  I loved that, because it was just a melt-fest!

Rollz Royce

I may not like the car, but I love Harney’s Rollz Royce.  It was one of the most amazing rolls that has touched my taste buds yet.  Inside: lobster tempura and cucumber.  Outside: tuna sashimi, jalapeno, “money sauce”, ponzu & eel sauce.  The lobster tempura added flavor and texture depth that shrimp tempura usually lose when you put it into a roll.  I could eat this plus the stuffed tomato all the time!  Except then my wallet would be in a very sad state, even if it’s worth it.

Flamming Lip

The Flaming Lip – tempura cali roll with cream cheese, topped with spicy mayo and jalapenos.  My friend’s roll was my favorite presentation for a sushi roll of the night.  I wonder if that plate was specially made for sushi because it’s just so cute that each piece has its own little cubby hold!  These small details can help bring something from being good, to GREAT!  I don’t remember trying this roll, so I will not speak for it.


These were the cutest caterpillar rolls and it made me wish all restaurants would do this.  Although I’m not the biggest fan of this roll, I think the presentation itself would get me to eat it.  Who wouldn’t want to eat these giant slugs? =D

3.)  Cafe Japengo – simple rolls done right.

This place has been the Happy Hour hotspot for my work when I’m out at a particular client.  It is because of all the happy hours, I have come to put the Rainbow roll as one of my favorite fall back sushi roll to have.  My favorites are: the Rainbow roll, Hawaiian roll (California Roll topped w/ Spicy Tuna, Green Onion & Ponzu Sauce), and the Fifty-fifty roll (Inside – Crab & Cucumber;  Outside – Rice topped w/ Fresh Salmon & Yellowtail, topped with slices of Lemon, Green Onion & Ponzu Sauce).

I unfortunately have been eating these rolls during happy hour or during a late night at work, so I chow down the food before remember to snap a shot.  However, you just have to trust my word on it that this place is good.  Once I get some pictures, I will share the goodness!

Well ladies and gents, that’s my soap box on sushi.  There’s plenty of good fishes out there whether naked and on a board or dressed up and rolled up, it’s ALL good.  So happy hunting and happy eating!


Sushi Ota

4529 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA

(858) 270-5670

Miso Harney Sushi

3964 Harney St, San Diego, CA

(619) 295-3272

Cafe Japango

3777 La Jolla Village Dr., San Diego, CA

(858) 552-1234


4 responses

  1. Oh man… That sushi all looks so good. In addition a flavor, sushi also has to look great and have no smell. Love these photos.

    May 10, 2009 at 5:36 pm

  2. All that sushi makes me want to go out and make some! I love the caterpillar rolls!

    April 6, 2010 at 8:08 am

  3. This an Great write up, I will bookmark this post in my StumbleUpon account. Have a awesome day.

    June 14, 2010 at 7:46 am

    • May-chan

      When I have sushi, it instantly becomes an awesome day ;)…Thanks for reading and bookmarking.

      July 13, 2010 at 6:01 am

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