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So bad, yet so good…

We’ve all had that moment when the thought crosses our minds when we lay our eyes upon something that is so wrong…but so right.  That moment definitely happened for me during one of the first country stops during my European trip with my honey.

In the Netherlands, where their red light district and coffee shops are well-known, there are dozens of “snack bars” that line the streets.  These snack bars serve whatever you are craving for when you’ve got the case of the munchies or need a “recharge”.  Ranging from the sweets to the savory, they’ve got you covered!

Now what was it that caught my eye and had me think: “Omg…should I really be even considering EATING this!? At this hour?!”

But hey! We were in Europe where the typical dinner didn’t start until about 8pm or later.  It was about 11pm at that time.  So once you see the beauty of a beast that was being offered in so many forms…you’ll understand.

Now that I’ve caught and kept your interest, I don’t keep the object of such amazement, of such gastronomic blasphemy from you any longer…


Yes, I consumed that THING that you see there.  My honey helped with a bite or two, but I polished the rest off on my own.  The surprising thing was…I did not feel the tremendous guilt as I thought I would.  In fact, given the chance, I would do it all over again and again because it was absolutely delicious.  Simple concept and we’ve all probably consumed this contraption in one form or another (unless you’re a vegetarian).

So please my friends, before you blast on the travesty from far away, think about how if you just opened up the bread, spreading it thinner, it would almost resemble a makeshift pizza.

Can you see it now?  Can you see how this wonderful (not so) little bun filled with meats (hot dog and spiced chicken), cheese, and bell pepper…is essentially a rolled up pizza?

Case closed.


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