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Weekday pick-me up…failed 50%

I had a nice little lunch with a couple of my old friends earlier this week.  We had gone to Little Italy in Downtown and we ended up going to Burger Lounge.  This entry will not be about the food served there because ultimately, I agreed to come here because I had heard how good their Red Velvet cupcakes were.  Little did my friends know at the time, if it wasn’t for the cupcake, I would have suggested to go elsewhere.

When I stepped up to the counter to order my food, I looked at the little glass cake stand to see 4 of these pretties.  They beckoned for me yet, even then I knew something just didn’t look right.  However, I wouldn’t know until I got my hands on one!

I got one to-go and had my lunch with a pretty good salad (Vegetable salad with avocado ranch dressing) and a regular order of onion rings.  Both were delicious, but my mind was with my cupcake and it took a lot of willpower to hold out from devouring the whole thing while at the restaurant.

Being a good gal, I actually took the baked good back to work, waited at least an hour before finally caving in!  Grabbing a fork, I slowly peeled back the wrapper and as I did so, I knew something was terrible wrong!

What was this frosting?!  Why was it so shiny and glossy?  Cream cheese does NOT gloss like that…oh no…is that…BUTTERCREAM?! ON MY F*CKING RED VELVET?!?!?! (Insert silent maniac sitting in her cubicle waiting to punch her flimsy little wall)  This was blasphemy!  There are a few things that should ALWAYS go together in my world:

Peanut butter and jelly…

Cheese and crackers…

Bonnie and Clyde…

Chuck and Norris…

Red velvet and cream cheese frosting!!!!!

Despite my horror, of course I still took a full bite and it fully confirmed that buttercream should not be paired with red velvet.  Granted, there may be someone out there who would not mind this and bless their hearts…maybe they are someone a traumatized victim to some terrible accident where cream cheese was involved.  Maybe as a young child, you had a cream cheese delivery truck come plowing down your street where your puppy had run off away from you and met an unfortunate end.  Hell…I’d be traumatized by cream cheese too if that was me!  But that wasn’t me so where was my cream cheese frosting?!

Moving on…

The cake itself was actually quite good.  It had the moist quality that cupcakes suffer the lack of and so I must give Burger Lounge their dues for their moist cake.  It did not have a bitter tone of over coloring, but it could have done better with a little extra cocoa flavor.  Otherwise, it was quite a success.  If you had not guessed by now, I scrapped off the frosting after my second attempt to eat it with the frosting.  I just couldn’t do it!  It was just so wrong on so many levels.

Burger Lounge…please, PLEASE do away with that buttercream frosting and change to the cream cheese variety for your red velvet cupcake’s sake!  Please?…

Burger Lounge
1608 India Street
San Diego, CA


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