To feed your body and soul in San Diego and all over the world


“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

More accurately, I was not in San Diego the past week.  I was in a place, in a world that was as far away as I could have possibly imagined home to be.  Yet at the same time, I was not all that far away from San Diego.

Work took me out to Oklahoma City last week and let me tell you, it was quite amusing.  I knew going out that Oklahoma would be quite different from what I have grown used to here in southern California.  To prepare myself, I just thought to myself, “Hey, it’ll be as if we went back home in North Carolina.  We can do this!”

Sure, it was like going back to North Carolina, but oh boy…I don’t think I was really prepared.  First off, 100+ degree weather.  No matter what anybody says, that is FREAKING HOT.  Next, add some pretty high winds and you’ve got yourself a sweltering dry box.  Admittedly, I learned quickly one does not take a leisurely stroll down the road in such conditions.

My schedule out there was pretty tight, but I was able to get in a few things while out there including seeing this:

Imagine yourself driving down Route 66, heading east to long stretches of nothing except more lush, green land.  Then sprouting out from the distance, you see this structure.  Welcome to POPS off of Route 66!

Sure it looks like a gas station with a cool bottle and straw structure that stands 66 feet tall, but go a little closer.

Inside that colorful, glass structure is actually a small diner with a store area that sells one of the biggest selection sodas I had ever seen!  I am not a soda fan but even I was in awe at the number of brands, flavor varieties, and colors!  The store and diner was visually stunning and food for the eyes!

It was so much fun just to walk along the walls of the station.  However, we still needed to grab some grub at the diner and we got ourselves a table by the wall.  This naturally meant more pictures of the soda pop walls!

My friend KN and I wanted something light for lunch so we ended up both ordering the club salad.

Lettuce, diced fried chicken, bacon,  hard boiled eggs, tomato, cheddar cheese, and whole fried okra (because we are in OKC where fried okra is a must with everything!). The salad was your typical salad and refreshing on a hot, summer’s day.  I particularly like the fried whole okra, which I have only had in the chopped up manner.  Although, it was a pre-fried because it was somewhat limp and soggy when I bite into it.  Still, the flavor was there and tasted delicious.  I bet a fresh one would be even better!

To go with our salads, we each ordered a milkshake:

A regular sized peanut butter cup shake for me!  Vanilla ice cream blended with pb cups.  My only criticism was that there was not enough pb cubs blended into the shake!  Other than that, it was creamy, cold, chocolaty and peanut buttery delicious!

KN got the junior sized strawberry shake.  Looking at the ridiculously pink concoction, we both knew there was a significant amount of artificial coloring involved and it was just not as good.  Our conclusion: it is best to stick with plain ol’ vanilla and mix-ins.

All in all, we both had a fun time coming out to this road side attraction out in Oklahoma!  So if you ever find yourself out in Oklahoma, why not drop by and maybe grab yourself a couple bottles of creative pops?

660 W. Highway 66
Arcadia, OK 73007


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