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Joliet, IL

Oh Joliet…what can I say about you?  You remind me of a bi-polar classmate of mine.  On one side, you have such beauty and quaintness about you.  On the other side, you are a scary, somewhat sketchy kind of personality.  The fact that I spent less than a week yet I was pleasantly surprised every now and then.

Al’s Steakhouse

This place was definitely a local steakhouse joint and very old school.  We had heard we needed to come here for the French Onion soup and that was exactly what I got.  It was the best thing I had that night here, but the guys said the steak was good.  I’ll take their word on that one ;).

Truth Restaurant

My gawd…one word about this veggie burger: cardboard.  I’ve eaten plenty of veggie burgers and I know the wrong kind of veggie burger, that’s overcooked, it is the saddest meal ever like this one was.

The Department

The restaurant is unassuming and a diamond in the rough.  It has a lot of potential and we were all equally surprised at how good the meal was.  I loved the soup, a little over salted yet still good.

Chicago Street Pub

This was the best surprise we got while in Joliet.  One of our waitress suggested this place to us and we had to try it (considering there was also nothing nearby either).  Look at our appetizer!  Chili-cheese tater tots!!  My simple and it is not like you cannot get chili-cheese fries, but I have not seen any place that did it with tater tots!

Gji’s Sweet Shoppe

Had to get some ice cream but it was just too sweet for me :(.  It was the Hershey Cappuccino Crunch made with Hershey’s dark chocolate and it was overkill.  Ugh..


Yum yum!  The appetizer was a mixed fried sampler of mushroom, zucchini, and mozzarella!  The mushrooms were my favorite with its molten, juicy, hot innards held in by a crunchy coating.  Our pizza order was sadly taken erroneously :(.  We wanted deep dish but the waitress thought (for some reason beyond our knowledge) we wanted the thin crust!  Geez…who comes to Chicago to eat thin crust?!  Well at least it was still delicious!  To wrap it up: store bought tiramisu that was frozen. BLEH!

The Reserve

Our dinner at The Reserve was actually more funny than anything else.  We were informing one of our party members about amuse bouches and palate cleansers for multi-course meals. Best thing out of those pictures above?…My main entree – a seafood cappellini! It was light, flavored rather than just tomatoes and it was great! However, by this time, I was done with seafood and wanted nothing more than vegetables and tofu.

Even then, of course we need to have dessert!  Except my dessert, the molten lava cake, was TERRIBLE.  Um first off when you hear the name of the dessert…is it too much to expect that your cake to be well…molten on the inside?!?!  Well what I got was like an over baked brownie topped with ice cream and whipped cream.  I get a little angry thinking about this.  However, my colleague got the caramel pecan bread pudding.  Oh lordy…it was amazingly delicious.


To make up for terrible dessert, we have the amazing Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Potbelly.  Our Senior Manager brought us a bunch and I was HOOKED.  They make it just the way I like them: underbaked!  Mmmm…
Oh Joliet…the disappointments and surprises you had for us.  Not exactly a destination, but at least I will know where to go (and not go) if I ever find myself out there again!


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