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Common courtesy

You know, this job definitely has its share of “personalities” and it never ceases to amaze me. I meet really nice people that I immediately click with, then there are those where I compare it to pulling teeth. You cringe and you bear with it without jumping across the room and picking them up and body slam them WWE style!

Actually, that idea is great and I want to do it. This person, I could easily snap in two and toss them out the window.

Concentrating on work and talking with people that I enjoy talking to makes my life so much better…=\

As I was typing this entry, I suddenly realized how much this was like school.  Back when I was going to SDSU, our school concentration basically was a micro-version of the life we had all somehow chosen to go down.  Basically, there a lot of fake people who don’t give a sh*t who they step on.  Then you meet some of the most down to earth, smart, and personable people who you will ever meet.

One of these people who I met while going to school is still a close friend that I still keep up to this day.  Recently, she had gotten married to a really sweet guy.  I wish I got to know him more, but from the interactions I’ve had with them together, I could tell he will take good care of her and treat her right.

Their ceremony was small, intimate, and a little funky.  I loved that she had a beautiful wedding dress, but was wearing flip flops!  Granted they were nice ones, but it wasn’t like they were the glitz ones either!  Very simple ones and it was not a surprise (it was though, yet it wasn’t).

The reception was held at Lucilles BBQ in Lake Forest.  It was buffet style with a decent spread that one plate was not enough:

I saw an older man take two plates and knew that I would need to do the same.  Glad the old man decided to step up and demonstrate that one, small, salad plate would never suffice!  I wish I had take pictures of the cinnamon biscuits that we had before because they were amazing!  I’ve had it before, but I forgot all about them!

Here’s an up close, detail shot of my main plate.  Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Mac n’ cheese, green beans, pulled pork, hot links, and baked beans.  My favorites were the green beans and the hot links.

At the end of the day…I realize that when I am around people who are positive in my life, will help negate the negatives in life.  It’s all about balance right?

Lucille’s BBQ
Multiple Locations


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