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Work, life, balance…no? Then it’s time to eat.

I was provided the Work Life Balance Equation by a co-worker of mine.  His original equation was something along these lines:

Work + life = Work life balance
I have no life, thus…
Work life balance = Work

This was passed along to other co-workers and one suggested that we needed to use a weighted average model:

Work(8hrs) + life(8hrs) + sleep(8hrs) = Work life balance
Work(12hrs) + life(6hrs) + sleep (6hrs) = I better be making 6 figures and partying every night
Work(12hrs) + thinking about work(2hrs) + trying to forget about work(2hrs) + restless bad sleep dreaming about work(8hrs) = Public Accounting

Now which one applies to me? That is the real question at hand and I can definitely tell you right now that I do NOT make 6 figures. If I was, life would be quite different and I wouldn’t really be thinking about my work life balance as much because I am getting compensated to not dwell on such things.  The first thing that actually came to mind was that this person was at least getting 8 hours of sleep each day, so I am already very jealous of this person.

The best equation for me would be along the lines of:

Work(12hrs) + personal hygiene (2hr) + life (3hrs) + trying to forget about work(1hrs) + restless bad sleep dreaming about work(6hrs) = My Public Accounting Life

Now where do I factor in my eating?  I guess that’s part of the “life” variable because I live to eat, but although I sometimes eat to live because I need the energy to keep up that 12 hour work variable.  However, when I eat, I try to eat things that I enjoy and makes me smile from the inside out.  This is when we need that special treat every now and then.

When I was up in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, I had stopped by the Kara Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square for a cupcake.  I will admit that this was definitely influenced by the show Cupcake Wars on Food Network.  The judges GUSHED over Kara’s cupcakes and my curiosity of whether or not it was founded drove this trip.

The shop was simple and let its cupcakes be the star of the decor:

I contemplated for sometime on which cupcake to get and given the season, the Pumpkin cupcake almost won out.  However, the Chocolate Fleur de Sel had me convinced that if I was to try any of the cupcakes, this was the one to be inducted to her line of cupcakes.

It took everything in my power to limit myself to only one cupcake, so I got myself one and a bottle of water.  To my surprise, the bottled water was made especially for the store!

Here was my little afternoon sweet snack.  See that cute bottle?  I was truly and highly amused by it.  To think they put that much effort to their water bottles was a nice surprise.  Also, I loved their boxes that they had to hold their cupcakes for transit.  Although my cupcake didn’t need to go far (just to a table outside), it is a good idea for bakeries to have these holders because there’s nothing worse than a messed cupcake.

Look at my little baby.  All safe and sound, neatly tucked in its own individual carrying case.

I don’t have a shot of inside the cupcake, but it was filled with salted caramel.  The cake was a deep, dark, luscious chocolate cake and it was the moistest cupcake I’ve had in awhile.  Topping it off was an equally delicious chocolate ganache frosting with a light sprinkle of fluer del sel.  You would think that this cupcake would be immensely sweet, yet it wasn’t!  The flavors were all there: sweet, bitter, and salty.  The cupcake was balanced and it was a simple, really well crafted cupcake.

In retrospect, I feel like I could have had some more, but I was restraining myself from going completely overboard.  It is all about balance in life right?

I don’t have a balance in my life and I can feel it.  However, I am really bringing it upon myself by my own choices.  I guess I just haven’t learned how to say no to my own life events.  Just like how I learned how to say no to myself when I wanted more than one cupcake, I need to apply the same to my life at times.

My desire?  To achieve this equation:  Work(8hrs) + life(8hrs) + sleep(8hrs) = Work life balance.

Kara’s Cupcakes
Multiple locations in California


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