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Trying out a new look

I felt that my site needed a face lift and an overall change. I’ll give this one a shot until I can either feel good about it or decided what to do next.

I don’t have much to post because I realized that my life has turned upside down. I was rocked when a colleague told me, “You just seem so…angry at this. Not just stressed, but angry too.”

‘This’ being our job and throughout the weekend, I have been pondering about this and I realized that I am angry. I have been angry about many things and I’m like a chili pepper. Hot and angry and ready to start a fight. And fights would break out more if it wasn’t for my own common senses.

The fuel for it is usually the accumulation of life itself. However, over the years I have gotten better at not being such a hot head. Yet, as much as I have grown and I still have not changed all that much.

I still want to fight, but I am tired and I want to sleep. And if you say to me, “Sleep is for the weak!”

Then I say to you my friend, “I am weak. I am human and weak, so please let me sleep.”

Not much of a post, more of a rant this week ladies and gents. I promise it will be much better next week!


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