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My Thai Food Obsession

Due to my travels in the past couple of months in pretty much all of the mid-west, I had nothing but American cuisine.  It was only then did I realized that I need to have a good dose of Asian and/or ethnic food.  I love seafood, pasta, salads, and sandwiches, but I can only eat so much of it!  Also, I didn’t realize that American cuisine does not include spices and they don’t seem to like spicy foods.

I think because of the sheer lack of ethnic, flavorful, and spicy foods, I had the greatest cravings for Thai food.  Whenever I returned home, all I wanted to eat was: Thai food, tofu, rice noodles, and veggie burgers (or any meat alternatives).  My diet was so off balance that I ate a ridiculous amount of Thai food.

One of the places I gorged at was Thai Pepper Cuisine.  It’s in Serra Mesa, just outside of the neighborhood area.  It’s a small little place that packs a great punch of flavors!

CP and I headed there for dinner one night after work.  We started off with an appetizer:

Chicken Satay with peanut dressing.  I usually don’t order this dish because the chicken gets dried out all too often.  However, this place can cook their chicken! My goodness, it was so tender, moist, and packed with curry flavor!  There was no need to even dip it the peanut sauce, but the sauce was really good too.

We ordered several entrees to try everything:

The Spicy Fried Rice with Scallops was great, but the scallops were overcooked.  It was exactly as I had feared yet I should know better.  However, scallops aside, the fried rice was amazing and spicy!

I should have just tried a different protein but I was hopeful that scallops would hold up in the Green Curry.  It did not sadly, but the curry was rich and flavorful.  Once again, I asked for this to be SPICY and boy it was!  Curries seem to have this spell binding effect on diners because you just get sucked in.  You want more and more, but you need a vehicle to enjoy it and you can’t stop eating even when you’re full.  The scallops were put aside and I thoroughly enjoyed the curry with bamboo, bell peppers, eggplant, and basil.

CP will always get his drunken noodles with chicken and this time was no exception.  The noodles here was a little more wet then I’m used to, but it was still good.  I had a bite and let CP gobble the rest up since I had my other 2 dishes.  CP gave this version 2 thumbs up.

So what’s the lesson I learned?  No matter how much like to diversify my cuisine, at the end of the day, I can’t deny myself from eating flavors I grew up with.  Also, I just can’t consume all that much animal protein (land or sea) and I shouldn’t try to force so much of it.  CP and I both loved the place, but I will definitely not going to get the scallops next time.  I’ll stick with either tofu or chicken, yums…

Thai Pepper Cuisine
3361 Sandrock Road
San Diego, CA 92123


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