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Chez Nous

One afternoon of running errands after the holiday weekend, I wanted to grab lunch.  However, I had no idea what I wanted and I was driving already towards home.  I knew I wanted nothing near my neighborhood, but then I remember having read about Chez Nous on before and their hours just did not work with my own.  Yet on this day, it was perfect! I pulled off the 15 freeway onto Carroll Canyon Road.

By the time I pulled into the little strip mall area, tucked into a business/forest area, it was already past the “standard” lunch time, so it wasn’t too busy.  There were still a good number of people finishing their lunches, waiting for their to-go orders, and those (like me) coming in for a late lunch.  Since it was my first time at Chez Nous and all I had to go on were the reviews I read beforehand about their fan-favorite sandwich.

The Spicy Chicken Melt is basically a hot and spicy explosion of AWESOME.  The magic to this sandwich is quite simple:  take 2 slices of jalapeno bread, put pepper jack cheese, pulled chicken with a deliciously spicy sauce (kind of reminds me of buffalo chicken), and then grilled to perfection (with butter of course).  Afterward, put a couple slices of tomato and voila!  MAGIC in your mouth!

I loved, loved, LOVED it!  When it comes to spicy foods, I am a total sucker for it.  And whenever you have butter in the equation, you KNOW it’s going to at least make something not so good to ok.  In this case…it sent the entire concoction to a higher level.  Now…if you do not eat spicy foods (you really should start :)) I will warn you now that this will be a “hot” sandwich.

Every sandwich needs a good companion and since it was a cold day, I ordered a cup of soup as well:

The Southwestern Corn soup is a pureed corn with a little stock and spices.  Given that it is a “southwestern” soup, there was some chilies, cayenne pepper, cumin, and I’m sure lots more.  It was a nice thick, yet not too heavy soup and perfect for a chilly afternoon.

Everything I tried that day was on the ball and packed with flavors promised as described on their menu.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a website so I can’t point you to the menu but this is mostly a sandwich, soup and salad shop.  As I was eating, I watched other people’s lunches and everything looked amazing.  I will be back and try another sandwich…that is if I can somehow keep myself from getting the Spicy Chicken Melt.

They are open from the morning til 3pm during the weekdays and late morning til around 1pm on Saturday (closed on Sundays). Also, they’re a cash only business so remember to bring the cash and change!

Chez Nous
9821 Carroll Canyon Rd, Ste E
San Diego, CA 92184


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