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Giant Cupcakes

You have a cupcake?…Good for you!

Well guess what?  I have a BIGGER one! 😉

This here my friend, is one GIANT cupcake!

During this past holiday, I got myself the giant cupcake mode during a White Elephant event for work.  Thus, I was obligated to make the team a giant cupcake which I was more than happy to do so!  Since I put this together late Sunday night, I used a Duncan Hines white cake mix and Pillsbury chocolate whipped frosting.  Nothing can be more simple than that, but the fact that it was 10x bigger than a “normal” sized cupcake, it was a a bit of a trial and error in timing for baking.

I did under bake the top part of the cake, so I had to pop it in back in the oven to make sure the top would hold up to the frost.  However, I still lost some of the center, but it ended up being to my advantage:

As I used it to fill with more frosting in the center!  The cupcake monster was a hit as everybody dug into it!  Soft, light, and delicious.

No matter how old we get, we all get a little excited and giddy at the sight of a cupcake.  Just imagine the effect when you make that cupcake 10x bigger!


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