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Revisit to Las Vegas

No, I did not go to Vegas again. However, during Valentines Day weekend, I was up there with CP and naturally, there was good food to be had!

During my short time with my LV colleagues, I’ve grown close with some of them and they’ve become yet another extended family of mine.  So when CP and I were up there, I met up with a friend and her husband for dinner.  Being that the newest hot spot to be at on the strip is the chic Cosmopolitan, JP and CG both suggested we try Jaleo.  It was a Spanish Tapas restaurant and apparently very popular currently, which was quite apparent.  The restaurant was PACKED.  Even with reservations, we still had to wait at least 25 minutes while they went to get the table “ready”.

Once we were seated, I had time to look around and I really liked the simple, clean lines of the restaurant.  Just the way I would like my restaurant to be designed.  Now…on to the menu! (I’ll let the pictures do the talking…with the occasional insert by moi)

A toast to start with sparkling wine sangria!  My favorite part?  The fruit after it’s been soaking in all the wine! ;)…

Nicely toasted, crusty bread to hold the sweet tomato spread, drizzled with olive oil.  Such a simple creation…yet so very declicious.

Our order of the manchego cheese!  Yum Yum!


Chorizo wrapped with potato.  When we read that…we all wondered what we would really get, but our curiosity was part of the fun!  And to add to the fun, it came in a miniature fry basket.  Turns out (as you can see), they are mini chorizo sausages, wrapped with a thin potato shaving that was almost like a chip.  It had a nice spicy kick and we gobbled these right up!

The grilled skirt steak.  Again…will have to defer to my friends and CP’s opinion on this one: 3 standing ovations!  And underneath the steak were roasted peppers which I did try and the flavors from the steak were soaked up into the pepper. Let’s just say I could’ve eaten a plate of that roasted red pepper.

The garlic shrimp were by far…one of the BEST dish from that night.  All 4 of us could NOT get enough of this dish.  Just look at it.  Beautifully butterflied shrimps that have been cooked with olive oil and garlic and it felt like…that was about it!  They weren’t sauteed…more like poached or even…ceviched (is that even a term?  Eh….who really cares?  It was DAMN good!  So good, that we had to get a second order!

Thinly sliced fluke cooked in hot oil, drizzled with a basil oil.  It was my least favorite dish just because I did not enjoy the taste of fluke.  However, since I had never tried it before and when JP/CG suggested it, I wanted to try.  Will I get it again? No.  Would they? Yes.  So it really depends if you like fluke.

And our grand finale, the paella of the evening: Lobster Paella!  And they weren’t joking around with their special because a whole lobster came out, sitting on top of our paella.  Quite frankly…I’ve had much better paella.  It was slightly disappointing because we had to wait so long for our order and when it came….it fell to meet our expectations.

I had a great evening with my friends and CP.  Would I choose to come back to Jaleo? Yes!  However, I would know what NOT to order during my future visits.  And I must say….DAMN this place was opulence to the max!  This hotel so expansive and extravagant…that I could understand how the first investors went bankrupt from this project.  However, the end product was a gorgeous hotel.

Jaleo – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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