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Mountain West Champs!

Sorry everyone…but this week’s been occupied by basketball by CP and myself (more so by CP than me) because you know why?…With a record like this one:

How can we NOT go crazy from excitement?!  Now with my bracket set for NCAA March Madness…it is time to go “do work.”  (Side note…I did go celebrate for my friend’s birthday this Sunday and I will have to do that post at a later time).

I know this is not typical of me. Yet, when your loved one has had so much faith in a team that’s seen so many “downs” and “so close” moments and years in the past and you’ve experienced it with him, one cannot help but feel that swell of pride for these athletes who’ve worked this hard.  Not just for the season’s conference title, but also the tournament championship as well, the recognition the team as a whole is much deserved from the city and the nation.

So for all the current Aztec students and alumnus…let’s band together and support our boys in Red and Black! Let’s go AZTECS!!!


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