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Contemplating on good eats of the past

I was thinking back on my last trip overseas with CP during the summer 2009 and tried to pinpoint which was my favorite, and most memorable meal.  In the end, hands down, it was the simple and delicious pizza while in Rome:

This was a little pizza vendor in a narrow corridor by the Pantheon.  They have the a variety you can pick from and pay for it by its weight.  Once you make your selection, the “nice” man will help heat it up in the oven for a little bit, before handing it to you on parchment paper.


I helped myself to 2 types: prosciutto (top) and spicy sausage and broccoli (bottom).  Ok, if you haven’t noticed already – neither type has tomato sauce and both have just enough cheese to hold everything together.  The simplicity of the slices were amazing.

It tastes nothing like the pizza you know in the States (regardless of which ever style you eat).  And of the two, hands down the spicy sausage with broccoli was the best.  I love my food spicy and this baby had the right amount of kick without me needing to add my usual crushed red peppers.  To date – I have yet to come across another slice that could mimic this taste.

Oh Italia…you are a land of beauty – in your cities, country side, museums, and on my plate. 🙂


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