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Double Stuffed

The phrase “Double Stuffed” once was associated with the Oreo brand cookies for me.  You know what I’m talking about – where Nabisco basically doubled the amount of cream filling in their Oreo cookies.  Now however, that phrase has a whole new meaning for me.

Ever since a colleague brought into work something absolutely amazing, I cannot stop thinking about how ingenious and how delicious this monstrous concoction was.  Can you already guess what I’m about to describe and show to you?  Here…I’ll give you your first visual hint:

Delicious looking already right?  Yet…do they not look a little lumpy to you?  Can you guess?….

Come on! Really?….Really???

Ok!  Here it is:

YES! That’s right! It is a chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo INSIDE!!!  Can you imagine how ridiculously delicious this was?!  I’m not the biggest fan of Oreos yet….being baked into a chocolate chip cookie somehow brought it to a completely level.

When I bit into my half of the monstrosity I was hit immediately by the soft properties of the cookie as a whole.  The baking process softened the otherwise crispiness of the Oreo and I can imagine it melting in my mouth had it been right out of the oven.  You have the buttery chocolate chip cookie base, semi-sweet chips and a hit of chocolate AND vanilla cream all in one bite.  It was flavor within flavor and the multiple layers was what made this so good and so much fun to eat!

RH…this is the reason why we all love and hate you…and the reason why I had to work off AGAIN my “freshmen” 15 (well…it wasn’t all you but you contributed a great deal)!!!

Yet, when you are presented with such a creation, you cannot help giggle with giddy as you look at it.  The baker in me will now try to stuff all combinations of cookies together and make the next best thing!


One response

  1. leena

    That double stuffed cookie was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm

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