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Remembering Paradise

CP and I were in Hawaii for almost a week and we both are missing it desperately.  It was the hardest thing for both of us to do: come back to our day jobs.  However, as I browse through the pictures that I had taken (all 600+), I fondly reminiscence the places we visited and the food we ate.  Since there’s so much to talk about and show, I’ll just start on Day 1:

We had a morning flight and by the time we landed in Honolulu, it was the afternoon and a storm had just rolled through.  By the time we checked into the hotel and walked to the beach right outside (it was beach front resort). Well, since both CP and I were starving from the mini lunch we had for our in-flight meal, we decided to just get a snack at the resort:

A nice bowl of yakisoba on the beach.  The yakisoba was not bad nor stellar, but it was at the beach.  Can’t complain! 🙂  After we had our snack of noodles, we took a dip into the sea.  I had imagined the water being a LOT warmer than it really was.  However, given that the San Diego coastline’s water temperature is approximately 60 degrees on average, the water there in comparison was warm.  It was a lot of fun and CP had the best time getting me into the water with him.

When we saw this in the distance:

We decided it was time to go in and get ready for dinner.  However, by the time we had cleaned up, we saw our first sunset of the vacation from our room’s balcony:

Great start!

For dinner, what else would we have other than…SUSHI!!!  Naturally, I did my research online while CP was cleaning up and found this place a little further in-land from the coast (not by much).  However, given it was a new city with new roads…we had some troubles navigating to it.  Like seriously Hawaii…can your road signs be possibly any harder to see at nights?  Long story short…in our attempt to get there, we almost had gone onto the freeway and also went the wrong direction on a one-way street.  Yea…it was a really exciting trip to dinner.

We made it to Imanas Sushi/Izakaya.  The restaurant’s small and warm, with a large communal table snaking down the middle of the curved dining room.  Once seated, it did not take us long to figure out what we wanted for dinner:

Rice ball in broth with nori

Chicken Katsu Skewers

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Nigiri

Salmon and Tuna Nigiri

Spider roll (soft-shell crab)

The rice ball in broth was only ok, mostly due to the fact that the rice ball was not crispy enough.  It should be pan-fried til a nice crispy shell forms, to keep the rice from getting too soggy.  Alas…this was not the case sadly.

The sushi was fresh and amazing.  I could’ve eaten just this all night, but I was so full from everything already, that we could barely finish the last bites (which was the roll).  The spider roll was only ok.  However, given that I am me, I needed something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. Thus, we headed to Bubbies Ice Cream & Desserts just down the road for a cold, sweet dessert:

Coconut-Macadamia Nut Fudge

My ice cream scoop was soooooo creamy and fresh!  I couldn’t believe that it was that creamy and it was not gelato.  They also had other desserts in their dessert case that looks like are made from their awesome ice cream flavors.

So that was our first day in Hawaii!

Imanas Tei Restaurant
2626 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826

Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts
1010 University Ave
Honolulu, HI 96826


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