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Day 2 in Oahu

We woke up to clear, blue skies and pristine, crystal waters.  So what else would we do, but go swimming!

Trust me…I was very high strung when we arrived, but after going through this routine: dip into the crystal blue waters, lay on the warm sands, soaking in the sun, and repeat – one can see why you can easily get swept up in the lazy attitude.  Basically, the only reason we finally decided to do something was because our stomachs were growling.  So…it was off to find a late lunch!

Lines of in-house made relish and mustards ready for dispensing

Puka dogs!

PUKA DOGS!!! It is basically taking a Chinese bakery item, that is quite common, and give it a Hawaiian twist.  A loaf of slightly sweet bread, pierced by a “puka” or a hot, iron poker, which toasts the bread from inside out.  They offer both white and wheat bread and then you get the choice of a polish or veggie sausage.  Next comes the hardest part: the choices of many relishes and mustard.  I had gone on a store worker’s suggestion (when we asked for directions): mango relish and guava mustard, with Hot garlic lemon sauce, on my polish dog with wheat bread.  CP had gone with a polish dog in white, with Mild garlic lemon sauce, and dijon mustard.

Simple and delicious. With the bread toasted inside, it gave it a nice little crunch when you bit into it.  My puka dog was salty and sweet, not that spicy (as my spice level is pretty high).  It was a mouthful of the tropics and not exactly what I would normally go for, but it was something I had to try and did not regret doing so!  CP was equally happy with his choice.

After that snack, we returned to the waters and continued our day with the amazing weather.  Eventually, we needed another snack and I needed some shaved ice!! (After all, we were in Hawaii!)

Under not only 1 visitor’s suggestion, but also a local who I work with, I avoided the “tourist trap” and headed to where the locals do:

Waiola Store

This place was literally on the corner of a neighborhood.  It isn’t a place where you would “drive by”, nor give a second thought had you driven by.  However, under the guidance of fellow foodies, CP and I had ourselves some great shaved ice:

Our respective treats: my azuki with mochi shaved ice, topped with a little condense milk.  And CP’s lime and pink lemonade shaved ice.  I loved how finely shaved the ice was because you would just put a little in your mouth and before you can even close your mouth, the ice was melted.  Next best way to cool off after dipping into the water.

Basically, after this side snack, we took a drive around the island to see the rest of the island:

After we made it back to the hotel, we clean up and by that time, it was dinner time.  Where did we head to?  Yet, another suggestion by the same 2 foodies:

The best way to describe this place is a Chinese cafe style restaurant with big family portion dishes.  We ordered the signature Side Street Inn fried rice and the Miso-yaki chicken.  The fried rice was loaded with char siu, bacon, and Portuguese sausage…aka: it was pig with some rice.

The chicken was sweet, savory, and tender. It is what you would want for a good, grilled chicken.  The secret: marinating and cook with skin.  Mmmm….

It was another great day in paradise!

Puka Dog (2 locations)
Island of Oahu
Waikiki Town Center
2301 Kuhio Avenue # 2
Honolulu, HI 96815

Island of Kauai
Poipu Shopping Village
2650 Kiahuna Plantation Dr.
Koloa, HI 96756

Waiola Store
2135 Waiola St
Corner of Paani St
Honolulu, HI 96805

Side Street Inn (2 locations)
1225 Hopaka St.
Honolulu, HI

614 Kapahulu Ave.
Honolulu, HI


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