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Looking back at the food eaten

This past week was my first full week back home, so I finally had the chance to take a look back on all the food that I had partake in during my tour of China, and visit back to Hong Kong.  Although I am sure there was much more to try in China, unfortunately the food I ate was all geared towards “tourists.”  We were in a tour group, but it still makes me sad that there could be amazing food out there that I never got my hands on.  In my recap, I think I want to focus on the items that stood out above all the rest and mediocre.

When I browse through my album and relived all that I ate in the 16 days away, I must say that the one that caught me completely off guard was this:

This simple, hot, sticky, delicious, hot mess was something that I thought I should have thought of…SO WHY DIDN’T I?!?!  The snack before you is a sliced, fresh roll that has been toasted and slathered with butter, natural, chunky peanut butter, and drizzled with sweet condensed milk.  Yes my friends…this is totally NOT part of ANY diets out there, but it was part of my diet of orgasmic food experiences.

The bread was perfectly toasted on the sliced side, soft on the insides, and natural crust to the outside.  It was a perfect vehicle for all the extra goodness to be piled on top!

Now that I know this is a GREAT combo, I plan on making this my special Sunday brunch at home :).  I just need to find the right natural chunky PB to match it.  Any suggestions??  (or if you know a place in San Diego that serves this, let me know too!)

Tsui Wah Restaurant
All over Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories;
Shanghai, China; Macau


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