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The Team vs. BJ’s Pizookie Platter

Today was a team lunch to bring together the two sides of an engagement. There is nothing that can bring people together like food…especially ridiculous food. When I saw ridiculous, it could be ridiculously good tasting, ridiculously amazing looking, and the ridiculous embodiment of being a pure glutton.

Ladies and gents, please turn to Exhibit A:

This is BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse’s iconic dessert – the Pizookie.  However, what you’re looking at is the ULTIMATE Pizookie one could order from the menu.  The Pizookie Platter is the choice of 4 flavors of cookies, then piled high with 8 scoops of ice cream.  Our poison of choice (counter clockwise): Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk, and Cookies N’ Cream.  The ice cream that piled on top included: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, and Cookies N’ Cream!

Literally, this platter was the size of a manhole cover!  There were 7 of us (3 males, 4 females) and we dug into this sugary monster.  We ate, and ate, and ATE…somewhere along the way, we started to get a bit delusional.  I think we were all wondering if we would survive this endeavor.  At one point, my hand was shaking as I reached over for more and that’s when I knew – I was way over my limit in sucrose intake.  I sadly put down my spoon and watched 2 of my colleagues eat through their sugar haze.  In the end, the dream was lived, but the victory was not ours.  We had finished a substantial amount of the platter, but in the end…there was still some cookie left with some ice cream (melted and melting).

Probably not the best idea in attempting this during a work lunch because all of us had some issues getting back to work and staying focus.   Or maybe…it was the best thing ever…oh yea, oh yea.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse
Mulitple Locations

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