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My first smash sandwich was not a burger as a friend pointed out. I don’t eat beef so I opted for the chicken option, which was just as wonderful (as a burger…I would imagine).

I ordered the Spicy Baja with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion (requested), chipotle mayo, and fresh jalapeno, all on a chipotle bun. The chicken was pounded thin and that helped keep the chicken nice and juicy. This is a technique we use to cook protein at home too because it ensures thorough cooking while being quick.  It helps retain the flavor and marinade, and minimizes the issue of overcooked, rubbery chicken.

The only issue I had with this sandwich was that all the ingredients were “wet”, so it all slipped out with each bite.  I guess that that means that it was finger-licking good!  Other than that minor issue, the chicken sandwich was very enjoyable. Now Smashburger will be my go-to for a quick delicious sandwich.

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