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Hide-Chan Ramen – New York

About 3 weeks ago, CP and I were in NYC to kick off the start of college football season!  Granted, the game was up in Westpoint, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to the city again.  New York is among my top destinations for food and I don’t think that would come as a surprise.  This little peninsula is packed corner to corner with buildings and businesses, and the only city where I’ve ever been to where you can have a selection of the world’s cuisine at your finger tips.

One of the places I have been meaning to visit was Hide-chan Ramen.  Located in Midtown East, down a quite street, upstairs in an unassuming location and if I hadn’t looked up the place online with pictures of the entrance, I would have never thought of stepping through its door.

At Hide-chan, you have the choice of intensity for the broth (rich, medium, and light).  The intensity equates to the richness of the broth and the richer it is, the more pork fatty goodness coats your mouth with each sip.   Additionally, you dictate the firmness of your noodles (very firm, firm, medium, and soft).  Both of us ordered the traditional Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, with just different toppings.  We went with the medium intensity broth and firm noodles.

Here’s an up close shot of my bowl – see those globs of fatty goodness?  It added to the full mouth feel of rich, pork flavor that lingered even after the broth has slid down your throat.  I was in love with the broth from the first sip.  A wonderful foundation for its supporting cast that made up the rest of the bowl.  The ramen itself was nothing like the instant top ramen you get at the grocery store (unless maybe they sell this kind of amazing ramen in the markets of Japan).  Firm and cooked al dente, which made it perfect for slow consumption so that when you reached to the end of your meal, the last bite is not a soggy mess.

I have been to another famous ramen joint in the city – Ippudo – and I must say they are completely different ramen houses.  Ippudo’s broth was rich and tasty, but their ramen was not my preference at all.  I much prefered my bowl of ramen here at Hide-chan and would recommend others to come here too.  CP has already noted Hide-chan as a must stop for the city (his others are Papaya King and the 53rd & 6th Halal Guys).

Now my mission is to find a bowl of tonkotsu ramen that blows my mind in San Diego….suggestions???

Hide-Chan Ramen
248 E 52nd St
New York, NY 10022


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