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Punjabi Tandoor

It has been 3 three years since I was introduced the best kept San Diego secret.  I had loved Indian food way before then, but still had a hard time loving a single place for Indian food in San Diego.  Then…the ladies I worked with showed me the light, and that light was the little space that made still the best Indian food I’ve ever had:  Punjabi Tandoor.  (Cue the music, turn on the spot light, and throw some sparkles!!!)

Ok…this place is about as big as…my BEDROOM, ok more like the kitchen den (which is not that big at all).  There is a little stove top in the back, with a tandoori oven, and a sink in the back.  A tiny counter with a cash register, some dining tables at the front (seating only 18 tightly), with a fridge holding drinks).  There are some tables out in front, but this place is SMALL.  Yet, it is a popular local hole in the wall for amazing Northern Indian Cuisine!  I don’t know how else to say how good this place is other than something along these lines:


Yeah, that’s my mind and tongue usually when I am dining in this place.  There are many items I enjoy from this family run joint including: Lamb Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Bengan Bhartha, and my favorite…CHICKEN MAKHANI!

This is also known as “Butter Chicken”, it’s basically Tandoori chicken cooked in butter, yogurt and tomato gravy.  If you like curries, and you like tikka masala, then you’ll fall head over heels with the Makhani!  It works on a whole totally different level than the usual “curry” and tastes great with a fresh piece of naan (made to-order) or basmati rice.  Sometimes I want more and more of this delicious nectar of the gods, but being that I am a mortal…it does get real heavy for me.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this place considering that I visit it at least once a month.   However, when people ask for great Indian food in San Diego, I would not hesitate to suggest to them Pujabi Tandoor.  To give more credit to this place, whenever I am here, I see plenty of local Indian residents coming for dinner and take-out.  Also, a good handful of friends (all Indians) highly recommends this place.

Don’t let the business area fool you, this place is legit.  Try it!

Punjabi Tandoor
9235 Activity Rd
San Diego, CA 92126


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  1. The food was average and although I ordered my Chicken Masala medium hot the spiciness was definitely edged more towards the medium than the hot. I had originally ordered the Curry Chicken but the server suggested the Masala so I went with that.

    October 23, 2011 at 3:06 am

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