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Amarin Thai – Mira Mesa

Again, this is another post where I wondered to myself: why have I not posted about this place?! I visit Amarin Thai in Mira Mesa at LEAST once a month, if not more. This tiny restaurant comes out with banging food. Now is it authentic? I may have to defer that judgment to domeone who would know because I have never had Thai from the homeland. However, if you are in the market for a great meal then continue reading!

The restaurant is a tiny space, tucked in the back corner of a little food court in the business district on Mira Mesa boulevard. There is never more than 2 servers in the front of the house, and 2 people in the back of the house.  And regardless of the day of the week, lunch or dinner, they have a steady stream of business. I’d like to think I help contribute towards the life of the restaurant.

My latest contribution was this last Thursday with my friend LKB. We both went with our usuals that night:

Panang Curry with Chicken and side of brown rice for LKB.

Drunken Noodles with Mock Duck for myself.

Our choice of spice levels that night: 8\10. I would warn to others to air on the side of caution here because when you ask for spicy, they WILL give you spicy! What you can do if you find that it’s not spicy enough, ask for the spices afterwards and they will provide for you a tray of all the different kinds of heat for you to choose from.

Now I suppose the real question is: why do we love Amarin? Let me try and figure how to put it into words…

Consistently great, tasting food. They hit the spice note (not spicy mind you!), so it will never be subjected to the blasphemy of bland food syndrome. When you ask for spicy, they will burn you if you’re not careful. And they have friendly staff that helps serve you a delicious meal at such good prices, you feel like a thief at times. Go for a quick lunch, a casual dinner, or take out, you will find yourself happier…and maybe in search for some milk or ice cream to cool that raging fire within.

Amarin Thai
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd, Ste 109
San Diego, CA 92121


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