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Moment of contemplation

This long weekend was a mix of doing nothing, to doing some things, but ultimately it was no great achievement in life. Ever since I started my new job, I have taken the fact that I have time on my hands again and turned it into an opportunity to pretty much revert back to my old grade school days.

Then again…I blame having a game to play on the Xbox. Ever since I got my hands on Final Fantasy XIII-2, it’s been hard to put it down. I just have this urge to plow through the game, rather than taking my time. Sort of how I approach life – go as fast as I can and grab opportunities as I pass them. However, I never stop and check out things around me. This has led to an expedited journey through my game, and my life in a way.

My time during the day and night disappear into the game itself. Every time I start playing, my day just disappears and I am left wondering what happened. My life has been on fast forward ever since I started college. I was determined to finish school in four years, no matter what. Followed by my first job in my career right out of college, and now I look at my last seven and a half years, I cannot believe how quickly it went.

Ironically, this fits well into the current game I’m playing (FFXIII-2) where the main objective is time travel.

Who else feels like their time has been on fast forward? Especially the last five or so years? Who would want to travel back in time to re-do things? Or just re-live it?


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