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New Project

I’ve started to notice that whenever someone asks me for recommendations for where to go to eat, I can conjure up my personal list by neighborhoods almost immediately.  Some times I find that I will need to look at the internet for a refresher for some areas (mostly because I don’t visit it as often).  However, this list resides in the database that I call my brain.  In fact, it acts like a relationship database:

“What do you want to eat in terms of cuisine?  Where do you want to go for it? What’s your price range?”  Those are the three questions I will always ask without fail whenever I get the, “Where do you suggest going for breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner?”

After awhile, I started writing it down on a Word document and I still keep increasing the list (by city actually).  However, I realized how inefficient and unorganized that was!  Then the epiphany came: when I pull up my “list” from my brain, I sort have filter through it by the various criteria’s above (and then some at times).  Why do I not make this list into a spreadsheet?!?!  So simple, yet why haven’t I done it?!?

So now, I have tasked myself to put together this master spreadsheet of food all over!  Where I could filter by multiple factors: State, City, Cuisine, Neighborhood (for SD), Price Range (simplified: dirt cheap, cheap, moderate, expensive), and Signature Must-Have’s.  (Of course I’ll include other important items like the address, phone, and website of the place.)

That will be my glorious task for goodness knows how long and I’m excited!  (If you couldn’t tell…I love spreadsheets 🙂 yea I’m a nerd)

Wish me luck!


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