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My personal conflict with my meal

There are days when I wonder to myself, “Could I truly commit to being a 100% Pescatarian?”  The reason why I think I would be a Pescatarian versus Vegetarian is because the only reason why I would be giving up animal (land and sea) proteins is because I can’t but feel guilty eating a cute animal.

However, I have yet to find a sea creature which can make me “awwww” like a land animal can.  Hence, I have absolutely no gripe about eating sea creatures.  Whereas land animals are a little harder.  I see a picture of a lamb (aka baby sheep), sheep, calf, cows, baby chicks, etc. I immediately melt into a puddle from their cuteness.  There is something about the way animals look at you and you feel for it.  I know this does not apply to all, but it does for me.

My closer friends, coworkers and family knows I do not eat beef. I haven’t had beef in so long, the taste of it is lost on me. I can appreciate a nicely cooked piece of steak, or an enormously tasty looking burger, but there is no desire to it. The reason for my non-beef eating is a personal preference and I would like to stick to it. Another animal I have recently made the choice in not eating is lamb.

Baby sheep is one of the most adorable creatures and my favorite too. How could I say I won’t touch beef (calfs are so cute too!!), yet I’ll eat lamb?! I do love the taste of lamb so this is really hard for me. Slowly…I’ll ween myself off their delicious meat.

And this is the only reason I need:



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