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Mid-week mind munchies

It’s Wednesday, or hump day because we’re right smack in the middle of the weekday.  Half way there to the weekend.  Yet I find myself constantly pondering what day it is because all my days seem to melt together.  What ever happened to my structure??  I used to be able to wake up and know exactly the day of the week (forget about the date, I’ve never been able to remember without my calendar reminding me).

Don’t even ask me why I’m so obsessed with needing to know what day of the week it is.  I think one of the biggest things to my inability to know what day of the week it is, is primarily due to the sheer lack of structure in my weekday.  Granted, I think I wanted to allow myself to break away from the same old grind day in and day out.  Yet the reverse effect is that I have absolutely no structure.  Somehow, this irks me too much and I think mentally, I am craving for structure again.

Or maybe I’m just super down due to the gloomy weather we’ve been having here in San Diego.  Maybe that’s the real variable that is effecting my overall mood.  And now I’m just ranting away on something completely inconsequential.   I just need the sun back….please come back sun!  I NEED you! 😦


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