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Lambs…my adorable little baby sheep

Yesterday I had to explain why I chose not to eat what I don’t eat – beef and more recently, lamb.

I know it sounds silly, sometimes maybe a little childish when I say it out loud, but no matter how it may sound, I can’t look at a little baby sheep or cow and eat them.  Many have countered (as I would too if I were in their shoes), “What about a baby chick?  Or a baby pig??”

Which to both, I do think they are just ADORABLE.  However, at least in the US, it is rare if ever you find a “suckling baby pig” or “roast chick with fresh vegetables” on your menu.  One – there’s not much to eat in terms of meat on either.  However, on the other hand, sheep and cows do have enough meat and demand for throughout the majority of their lifespan.  Case in point: Veal = a calf (aka a baby cattle) and of course lamb is what you call a young sheep.  You eat veal or beef, you eat lamb (baby), hogget (young, or mutton.

My coworker then threw out a classic, “Would you eat bambi??”  My witty response was, “Hmmm…yes, I have no problem right now eating bambi.”  Though logical thought for me (prior to any additional research) is: does the FDA allow for the sale of baby deer meat?  Do they even SELL baby deer meat??

So yes, I may be selective on what I chose not to eat and what to eat.  Can you say you don’t??  Do you not choose to eat one thing over another based on personal preferences and likes?  My decision and choice to not eat beef as previously stated, I haven’t had it in so long and I do think baby cows and even grown cows are adorable.  Smelly sometimes?  Yes, but I still think they’re great!  Now with the addition of lamb to that list of animal proteins I won’t eat, is one of the harder ones.  I do love a good lamb shank or lamb kabob, however I find myself completely guilt ridden after eating one.

I’ll defend my choices and people can keep throwing the “what about (insert some possibly cute creature)” scenarios at me.  All I have to do is look at this:

or this:

And I can feel justified again 🙂


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